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            China Consume Financial Holdings Co.,Ltd is a member of UionPay International . It is designated by UnionPay International as its oversea UnionPay card acquiring institution and has gained the authorization to conduct offline acquiring business in HK, Italy, France, Korea and Japan, as well as the global online acquiring business.

            1、Qualification of Oversea RMB acquiring(online & offline) 2、Currently gain the Acquiring qualification in the region of HK 3、Embrace the policy of “the Belt and Road”initiated by National Information Center, which gains the political support.

            Guangzhou Guoxinguanfu Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of China Consume Financial Holdings Co.,Ltd. It is dedicated to providing services such as oversea UnionPay card acquiring business , cross-border RMB settlement as well as technical development, maintenance, upgrades and It support. The team has brought together a group of talented people from the financial industry and IT industry with rich practical experience, strong research and innovation capacity, which could adapt to market changes with their rich overseas acquiring resources .